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Personality Affects Your Ability To Lose Weight

Weight loss should not be approached as a one-size-fits-all. To lose weight, you don’t only need having healthy eating habits and workouts. You must also change your behavior and personality to customize your diet plan and be able to stick to it. Most diet plans available are not customized. If it’s not tailor-made for you,…

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How to Meet Your Weight Loss 2017 Goals

Every year you make a promise to yourself to start to eat better, exercise more and finally lose the weight that you have put on. It is a constant struggle for millions of people and even though you may start off each year with the best of intentions by making a New Year’s resolution regarding…

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Slim Twist

Get Healthy the Right Way with Slim Twist All you hear about today in the newspapers, on television and on the Internet are about all of the latest ways that people are trying to get healthy. The issues of weight have become a big problem in the world today and more and more people are…

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