Is Green Tea One of the Best Ways to Burn Fat?

Best Ways to Burn Fat

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet and one of the best ways to burn fat. It’s one of the best drinks you can have if you wish to lose weight. Thanks to its fat burning ability. It’s not only loaded with antioxidants, but it’s also high in components that promote fat burning and losing weight.

It’s more than just flavored water. Drinking a cup of green tea can give your body potent biological effects. One of its components is caffeine, which contains up to 40 mg. It’s more than the amount of caffeine in coffee. However, the effects are milder than coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant, thereby, promoting fat burning. It also boosts your energy so you can improve your exercise performance. However, green tea truly shines in its wide range of antioxidants. It contains catechins, which are potent antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It’s a substance that can increase your metabolism.

Best Ways to Burn Fat

Mobilize fats

Your body has to break down fats before they can be moved in the bloodstream. Green tea’s active compounds can help in the process. It boosts the fat burning hormones in the body. The EGCG inhibits an enzyme in breaking down norepinephrine. The nervous system uses this hormone to tell the body to break down fats. Thus, the more norepinephrine you have, the stronger signal will be sent to the fat cells, so they break down more fats.

The caffeine and EGCG contents of green tea will have a synergistic effect. The former can enhance your body’s fat-burning ability. The result is that the body breaks down more fat, which is released into the bloodstream and be used as energy.

During exercise, green tea increases your fat burning ability. Hence, it’s highly likely to find green tea in various fat burning supplements. In several studies, they showed that those who took green tea extract and worked out burned more fats than individuals who didn’t take green tea. The studies suggest that green tea is effective in improving the fat burning effects of any exercise.

In that case, if you wish to enhance the fat burning ability of exercise, you must consider taking green tea. It’s one of the reasons Slim Twist is a useful weight loss supplement. One of its ingredients is a high quality green tea that can boost metabolism and promote the burning of fats.

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