Our Impact

Achieving your weight loss goals is more than just providing the right nutrients to your body, but it also involves emotional and physical principles that influence your body’s metabolic processes. And let us not forget about the environment.

That’s why, we, at Slim Twist, are promoting not just healthy living an an organic way for weight loss but we are also encouraging our users to help our planet in mitigating the effects of pollution. Studies showed that pollutants could significantly affect one’s body in the ability to lose weight. If we can get rid of pollutants, we can achieve successful weight loss goals.

At Slim Twist, we always believe that giving back to the society must be a part of any organization. Our mission here is not just to create effective weight loss products but also to promote public awareness on how preserving our environment can assist in achieving any weight goals. We are confident that our clients and employees will also make a difference in their respective environment.

We do our part in protecting the environment by not using toxins in our products. Instead, we only include natural ingredients such as the following:

Acai – It’s rich in antioxidants, protein, and fiber that can keep you full throughout the day. Acai isn’t only effective at losing weight but also in maintaining a healthy weight.

White tea – It increases metabolism to help you burn more fat. Not only that, it protects you against cancer and various heart diseases. It also strengthens your immune system and builds a healthy skin.

Guarana – Several studies showed that this plant could give you more energy. Not only that. It could also help you lose more weight.

Green coffee beans extract – It is to proven to prevent fats and carbs from being absorbed by the body.

Raspberry ketones – They are shown to break down your fat cells effectively so your body can burn fat faster than any other products.

Other natural ingredients included in our Slim Twist would include maca root, ginger root, green tea, yerba mate, vitamins, and minerals.

Slim Twist has made our part in protecting the health of our users and helping them achieve their weight loss goals successfully. We make a commitment to making decisions not just based on financial aspect but also based on the long-term social and environmental consequences of our activities and products.

We can’t overstate the benefits of weight loss as it can reduce, not just obesity issues, but also heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. But we also believe that we must address the issues of environment toxins that can impact on the ability of the person to lose weight.